Eat Fresh

Classis Prata

Tuna Prata

Prata is a fried flatbread that is cooked over a flat grill. We put fresh tuna inside it. Try it!

Burger Prata

Make awesome choices this week, like Burger Prata

Prata with Premium Sausage

Beef Frankfurter Hotdog Prata

It’s not an ordinary hotdog, It’s Beef Frankfurter Hotdog Prata. Totally Recommended!

Chicken Blackpepper Hotdog Prata

Don’t forget to try our Chicken Blackpepper Hotdog Prata

Plain Waffle


You shоuld eat а waffle! Yоu саn’t bе sad іf уоu eat а waffle! Try this Small Plain Waffle to start your beautiful day. Flavors choice: Vanilla/Choco/Pandan/GreenTea/Blackforest/RedVelvet/Taro


Not enough? Grab this Regular Plain Waffle.
Flavors choice: Vanilla/Choco/Pandan/GreenTea/Blackforest/RedVelvet/Taro


Taste all of waffle variants. We have Vanilla, Chocolate, Pandan, Blackforest, and Green Tea Waffle

Waffle with Sauce Delight

Oreo Cream Cheese

Most recommended! Don’t you wanna grab a piece of this Oreo Cream Cheese Waffle?

Choco Peanut

Really yummy kicking peanut and chocolate cream. Surely made your dearest day bright. Choose: peanut butter or peanut sprinkles

Choco Cheese

Why must choose chocolate or cheese when you can get both of them? Try our Choco Cheese Waffle!

Vanilla Cheese

Happiness is fresh waffle and vanilla cheese.

Milky Cheese

Another cheese variant, Milky Cheese Waffle is waiting for you.

Milo Sensation

Don’t let sadness ruin your day. Make your happiness with our milo sensation waffle.

Milky Choco Rice

Choco lovers must try this! Make your day more sweet with Milky Choco Rice.

Oreo Crunch

It’s not ordinary oreo waffle, it’s more crunchy with our Oreo Crunch Waffle with Sauce Delight.

Tropical Mango

So fresh and delightful!

Japanese Matcha

Another yum choice for you: a creamy Japanese Matcha


Another yum choice for you: a creamy Japanese Matcha

Waffle Meat Lover

Tuna Waffle

When Our Signature Crispy and sweet waffle meet fresh tuna. It will make your day.

Burger Meat Waffle

Most Recommended! Another way to eat burger meat without sesame seed bun is Burger Meat Waffle.

Corned Beef Waffle

NEW ITEM! Very recommended, it's so yummmmm!

Waffle with Ice Cream Delight

1 Scoop

This is our special Waffle with ice Cream Delight for ice cream lovers and waffle lovers.

Waffle With Sauce


Most favorite!


Life is better when you eat nutella! Crispy waffle and nuttela is the best companion.

Lotus Biscoff Crunchy

Taste the surprising sweet-crunchy of Lotus Biscoff Crunchy with our freshly baked waffle


You can choose between peanut butter or crunchy peanut sprinkles. Both are superb!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, improve blood flow, and boost overall heart health. So, What are you waiting for?


Our recommendation! Super yum tiramisu waffle to start off the weekend!


Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate. It’s more perfect when chocolate meet crispy waffle.

Sliced Cheese

Are you a cheese lovers? You must try this! Waffle with Sliced Cheese will make your day.

Singapore Kaya

This simple dish is the ultimate comfort food for those with a sweet tooth, offering the right mix of waffle and singapore kaya.


Snack time is waffle time! Here’s our Waffle with Cappucino Sauce.


Breakfast for champions! Waffle with Blueberry Sauce.


Strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits. Tasted our Waffle with Strawberry Sauce.


Having the most perfectly toasted protein waffle with vanilla sauce to start your day off.


Honey is a naturally sweet, viscous liquid made from the nectar of flowers and collected by honey bees.

Simple Syrup

Snack time is waffle time! Try this Waffle with Simple Syrup.

Icing Sugar

Let you sweet moments become more sweet with our Waffle with icing sugar.

Sweet Milk

Everything gets better with milk. We have Waffle with Sweet Milk Sauce. Try it!

Waffle with Ice Cream

1 Scoop

You can’t be sad when you are eating ice cream, and you will be happy when you are eating Waffle with Ice Cream.

2 Scoops

Get more happiness with 2 scoops of Ice Cream!

2 Scoops

All you need is ice cream. Who wants special waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream delight?